Our company is able to provide overhauling and turbocharger repair services on board or in our engineering workshop, within a shorter time than a local workshop. It can also meet the requirements of even the tightest schedules of the container ships.

During the overhauling, the following take place:

  • Disassembling of the turbocharger.
  • Cleaning of all the disassembled parts.
  • Inspection and measurements according to the standards of the manufacturer.
  • Ultrasonic test of the gas inlet and gas outlet casings, which can be performed, if our technicians have the relevant equipment.
  • Penetrant testing (die check) for cracks in the nozzle ring and the compressor wheel. It can be performed, if it has been requested to our technicians to bring along the relevant equipment.
  • Mounting of turbocharger parts, replacement of the necessary spare parts of the overhauling kit.
  • Measurement and checking of the clearances, according to the specifications of the manufacturer, and recording of these.
  • Final mounting.
  • Testing (sea trials) and ascertainment of the proper functioning, if this is deemed feasible by the customer.
  • Measurement and evaluation of the vibration state or of the ideal operating conditions of the turbocharger, according to the DIN ISO 10816 standard (if the rotor shaft is balanced and the overhauling kit has been replaced), if it has been requested to our technicians to bring along the proper equipment
  • After the end of all works, the following reports are delivered, depending on the works that have been carried out:
    • Overhauling report
    • Dynamic balancing report
    • Ultrasonic test report
    • Die checking report
    • Vibration analysis report


Die Nachrüstung beinhaltet die Untersuchung und Studie für die Hochrüstung – den Umbau und/oder den Ersatz von Turboladern alter Typen mit neuen, modernerer Technologie, mit dem Ziel die verbesserte Leistung der Maschine. Das Ziel der Aufladung eines Motors ist die Erhöhung dessen Leistung. Trotz den Unterschieden zwischen den Vortriebs- und Stromerzeugungssystemen, ist das Ziel ähnlich…


New Turbocharger models TM87 and TM180 have a type approval certificate No 15/00096 by Lloyd's Register. These T/C are matching with  Daihatsu, Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Wartsila, MAN-B&W D/Gs (Diesel Generators).

The special design of the two models, TM87 and TM180, renders their installation and maintenance fast and simple, even by non-specialized crew members. The adoption of high quality and strength materials guarantee their reliable and trouble free operation.


Technical Data




  • Low overall maintenance cost
  • Simple installation and maintenance procedure, even by non-specialized crew members
  • Compressor wheel by 5-axis processing center
  • 2 years/10,000 operating hours warranty


Technical Data




  • Low overall maintenance cost.
  • Compressor wheel by 5-axis processing center
  • Simple installation and maintenance procedure, even by non-specialized crew members.
  • 2 years/10,000 operating hours warranty
  • Adoption of high quality and strength materials

Technical Highlights of TM87 and TM180

One of the major causes of T/C breakdown is due to surge phenomena. At low mass flow rates a separation of a portion of flow may occur with strong pressure gradients and reversal flow. In many situations, it has been demonstrated that by using a ported shroud this backflow can be released, hence instabilities and surge phenomena can be reduced. Our new T/C models, TM87 and TM180, include this technological enhancement in order to widen the surge margin and make the T/C operation more stable.


  • Design of blades that guarantees the optimal aerodynamic performance and offers a high endurance.
  • Splitter blades for an improved flow throughout the operating range, reducing the load on the main blades.
  • Improved efficiency, which leads to a reduced fuel consumption and temperature.
  • Compressor design for a wider operating range, so that a safe distance is achieved from the surge line and the choke line after the matching.


Unser erfahrenes und vollständig ausgebildetes technisches Personal repariert Ersatzteile von Turboladern aller Typen in unserer Maschinenfabrik, die mit Geräten neuester Technologie ausgerüstet ist. Alle Reparaturen werden immer nach den Herstellervorschriften ausgeführt und von den notwendigen Bescheinigungen begleitet. Die Firma TURBOMED AG übernimmt die Reparatur von Verschalungen, Düsenringen, Rotorwellen, Verdichterrädern, sowie von den Schaufeln aller Typen…