The heart of the turbocharger is the rotor shaft, which is subjected to the most stress during T/C’s operation. Our company undertakes the fast replacement or repair of rotor shafts for all types of turbochargers.

The technical department, having a great expertise and experience, can successfully rebuild and repair rotor shafts. Our company’s workshop is equipped with high precision dynamic balancing machines of the latest technology, of a capacity from 0.5kg to 3,000kg.

All the relevant works are accompanied by certificates according to the ISO 1940-1:2003 standard, which guarantee the proper balancing and control of the rotor shaft. Furthermore, after the repair and control of the rotor shaft, a Deflection Test takes place and the relevant reports are issued.


According to the manufacturers, the safe service life of the bearings is approximately 8,000 operating hours. TURBOMED S.A. is always ready to undertake the rebuilding of the Ball and Roller Bearings using the latest technological developments. The repair can be performed either through a direct sale, or through an exchange.

Their repair is performed as follows:

  • The parts of the bearing are disassembled.
  • The old Ball and Roller Bearings are replaced.
  • The rest parts are cleaned, measured and it is evaluated whether they should be replaced or not.
  • The bearings are reassembled.

Types of bearings:

  • Latest technology LA70/TA07 bearings, which are manufactured as a whole, in order to have elasticity and absorb the effects of vibrations on the Ball and Roller Bearings.
  • Latest technology LA36/TA04 bearings, manufactured with a high resistant steel casing (of black colour), which reduces the hazard of generation of cracks in case of high unbalance of the rotor shaft.
  • Old type LA34/TA01 bearings, which, however, are not recommended by our corporation, as they have been withdrawn from the market by the manufacturer of the turbocharger and have proved to be low standard ones.

In case it is required to convert the specificatιοn of your turbocharger to a LA36/TA04-type or a LA70/TA07-type turbocharger, it is necessary to replace some further parts of the lubrication system (due to the different design), which are included in the overhauling kit.


All turbochargers have consumable parts, which often need to be replaced in order to ensure their safe operation. All these necessary parts constitute the overhauling kit.

Being aware of the needs of the shipping companies regarding their fast supply with essential consumable spare parts, we often recommend to our clients the overhauling kit, which includes the: bearings, oil pumps and sealing bushes, along with all the accompanying spare parts (gaskets, locking plate, sealing ring, screws, etc). TURBOMED S.A. is able to offer directly overhauling kits, of any type and any manufacturer.



The existence of the nozzle ring aims at accelerating and guiding the exhaust flow to the desired angle to the turbine wheel, with the minimum possible losses. Poor fuel quality, in combination with the high exhaust temperatures reduces the estimated life of the part, which has a direct impact on the proper operation of the turbocharger (Τ/C).

Our company has a large stock for various types of turbochargers (Τ/C) and is able to supply promptly the suitable nozzle ring to our customers.