Our company is able to provide overhauling and turbocharger repair services on board or in our engineering workshop, within a shorter time than a local workshop. It can also meet the requirements of even the tightest schedules of the container ships.

During the overhauling, the following take place:

  • Disassembling of the turbocharger.
  • Cleaning of all the disassembled parts.
  • Inspection and measurements according to the standards of the manufacturer.
  • Ultrasonic test of the gas inlet and gas outlet casings, which can be performed, if our technicians have the relevant equipment.
  • Penetrant testing (die check) for cracks in the nozzle ring and the compressor wheel. It can be performed, if it has been requested to our technicians to bring along the relevant equipment.
  • Mounting of turbocharger parts, replacement of the necessary spare parts of the overhauling kit.
  • Measurement and checking of the clearances, according to the specifications of the manufacturer, and recording of these.
  • Final mounting.
  • Testing (sea trials) and ascertainment of the proper functioning, if this is deemed feasible by the customer.
  • Measurement and evaluation of the vibration state or of the ideal operating conditions of the turbocharger, according to the DIN ISO 10816 standard (if the rotor shaft is balanced and the overhauling kit has been replaced), if it has been requested to our technicians to bring along the proper equipment
  • After the end of all works, the following reports are delivered, depending on the works that have been carried out:
    • Overhauling report
    • Dynamic balancing report
    • Ultrasonic test report
    • Die checking report
    • Vibration analysis report

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