New Turbocharger models TM87 and TM180 have a type approval certificate No 15/00096 by Lloyd's Register. These T/C are matching with  Daihatsu, Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Wartsila, MAN-B&W D/Gs (Diesel Generators).

The special design of the two models, TM87 and TM180, renders their installation and maintenance fast and simple, even by non-specialized crew members. The adoption of high quality and strength materials guarantee their reliable and trouble free operation.


Technical Data




  • Low overall maintenance cost
  • Simple installation and maintenance procedure, even by non-specialized crew members
  • Compressor wheel by 5-axis processing center
  • 2 years/10,000 operating hours warranty


Technical Data




  • Low overall maintenance cost.
  • Compressor wheel by 5-axis processing center
  • Simple installation and maintenance procedure, even by non-specialized crew members.
  • 2 years/10,000 operating hours warranty
  • Adoption of high quality and strength materials

Technical Highlights of TM87 and TM180

One of the major causes of T/C breakdown is due to surge phenomena. At low mass flow rates a separation of a portion of flow may occur with strong pressure gradients and reversal flow. In many situations, it has been demonstrated that by using a ported shroud this backflow can be released, hence instabilities and surge phenomena can be reduced. Our new T/C models, TM87 and TM180, include this technological enhancement in order to widen the surge margin and make the T/C operation more stable.


  • Design of blades that guarantees the optimal aerodynamic performance and offers a high endurance.
  • Splitter blades for an improved flow throughout the operating range, reducing the load on the main blades.
  • Improved efficiency, which leads to a reduced fuel consumption and temperature.
  • Compressor design for a wider operating range, so that a safe distance is achieved from the surge line and the choke line after the matching.

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