Repairs and Reconditioning of Turbocharger Parts

Why not to recondition the existing turbocharger spare parts of your vessel?

In many cases, replacement of old turbocharger parts with new is not cost effective or necessary. In the context of a cost saving philosophy, when the replacement of T/C spare parts is not imperative, repair of the existing parts is suggested in order to secure the vessel’s safe and trouble free operation.
In our state of the art workshop, our experienced and well-trained technical staff repairs turbocharger units and spare parts, using machinery of latest technology.All the works carried out are in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications and upon client’s request can be accompanied by class certificates. We are able to undertake replacement or repairs of:

• Rotor shafts
• Bearings
• Casings
• Nozzle rings/cover rings
• Turbine blades
• Air filters

adopting latest repair techniques and offering high quality results in minimum time. The spare parts for reconditioning can be dispatched to our premises from anyplace worldwide.

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